My reputation is extremely important to me.  I strongly believe that the long term success of our business has little to do with marketing and everything to do with our ability to deliver for our clients.  For that reason, when we get a great review we love to share it with the world:

“Court did an exceptional job with my bankruptcy. I had never done one before, and after searching for months, and talking with several lawyers, I felt by far the most comfortable, and in the best hands upon meeting him for the first consultation. He is very thorough, prompt, and sincere. I would highly recommend him.” -W.C.

“When we started thinking about filing bankruptcy we didn’t know where to turn and finding Court was a huge relief. Not only was he patient when explaining all of our options, he genuinly seemed to care that we were making the best choice for our individual situation. From the very first meeting it was as if a weight had been lifted off of our shoulders. He was there every step of the way, anwered all of our questions and has even stayed in contact after the fact to make sure that there are no further concerns. We would recomend him to anyone going through a similar situation.” -A.B & D.B

“Court did an excellent job with my bankruptcy. Took a huge weight right off my shoulders when I met him with him for my consultation.” – C.C.

“Thank you for everything, I was very happy with your work Court. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a great lawyer in the future.” -J.C. 

“I’ve known the owner for over 17 years and can say with 100% confidence that you will not find a more intelligent, dedicated, and sincere attorney. This guy will fight for you every step of the way.” -J.M. 

“I was putting off bankruptcy for years but with Court’s help the transition was easy. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He made the process painless and simple. He walked me through every step of the bankruptcy process. Thank you again. I will be referring many more clients your way for all their legal needs.” – A.Q.
This last “testimonial” is taken from a very special letter of recommendation written for me years ago during law school by one of my former mentors.

“…[Court] was one of the best interns our office has had during the [last] twenty years…he has a very outgoing personality…[his] assignments indicate that he has very high ethical standards and is very compassionate and concerned about those he would serve in any legal position.” – former mentor 

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